Our motivation to build out a leading press release distribution platform stemmed from our own success and experience as buyers and regular users, as part of our marketing strategy. Seeing the power of press release distribution with a well-written, newsworthy, and compelling story was undeniable. 


I'm Paul Kirch

I currently serve as the President of a digital marketing agency called SELLIENCE. We combine the science of sales with marketing strategy to create assets that drive real ROI. was developed to provide our marketing clients with a high-power and cost-effective solution for bringing the power of press releases to their marketing plan. If you want to experience a boost of SEO exposure, expanded reach, and increased credibility, press release promotions are highly impactful and authoritative.

My Story

My entrepreneurial journey began in 2009 when I launched a sales coaching/consulting agency. Clients insisted I also help them with their marketing and branding. As a professionally trained copywriter, it became a natural progression. 

By 2014 the majority of my clients were leveraging our marketing solutions, so we decided to go all in. Since that time, we have leveraged press release marketing as one of our strategies, to support our clients. This led me to launch 

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